Monday, August 17, 2009

The Fiber Art Group "Harmony"

Harmony is exhibiting a collection of art works of different mediums and miscellaneous subjects like tapestries and woven three-dimensional art, painting on silk, felting, quilts, and appliqué. This Fiber Art Group display is remarkable in the diversity of expression and visual energy by mature artists who have defined their roles with textiles combining contemporary style with traditional fiber techniques. Harmony emerges in this eclectic collection of art in a magical way; sometimes from within, sometimes of the spiritual world and sometimes of the subjects that surround us. Harmony offers a delightful visual experience.


Ewa Bartosz-Mazus ~ creates extraordinary two and three-dimensional tapestries which are very personal expressions and reflections of her life’s episodes. Ewa is an establish artist and an art teacher who participated in many Art Shows in Europe, Canada and US. She lives in Zakopane, Poland.

Denise Coker ~ applies an original, varied and dramatic approach to create a spectrum of contemporary textile art. She exhibits nationally and internationally and her works are included in public and private collections worldwide. The artist lives and works at her lakeside studio in the scenic Gatineau Hills of Québec.

Teresa Machel ~ demonstrates amazing appliqué collages, choosing elegant fabrics to create interpretations of her favorite classical painters.She is a medical doctor and very gifted artist who lives in Windsor, Nova Scotia and has exhibited her art in Poland and galleries of Nova Scotia and Ontario.

Marie Constance Morley ~ shows sensational silk paintings of landscapes, people and nature. She is an established artist whose work has been exhibited in numerous individual and group Art Shows in Canada and in Europe. Marie-Constance lives in Ottawa, Ontario

Christina Pleizier ~ creates extraordinary fiber arts such tapestry, embroidery and recently quilts with a rich variety of fabrics transformed into fine art. Christina has been showing her art through various art venues in Ottawa and area. She lives near Ottawa in Navan, Ontario.

Krystyna Sadej ~ presents tapestries incorporating a range of textures, designs and colors that define her unique style. Krystyna is an accomplished tapestry artist. Her works of woven art have been exhibited in Poland, Germany, Canada and US. She lives in Navan (near Ottawa), Ontario.

Ixchel Suarez ~ shows dramatic woven art, remarkable in color and form that is giving a flamboyant impression. She is a talented art weaver who originally came from Mexico. She participated in several art shows in Mexico, Canada, Poland, France and US. Ixchel lives in Oakville, Ontario.

Iwonaa Szpakowicz ~ exhibits dazzling woven art, extravagant in color and shape and offering a rich visual experience. She is a talented art weaver, photographer and writer. She participated in several art and craft shows in the Canada, Poland and US. Iwonaa lives in Ottawa, Ontario.

Zofia Werblicka ~ makes charming tapestries that show her mastery of color, yarn and subject.Zofia is a well-known textile artist who has exhibited in Poland, France, Germany and Canada. She lives in Poland, Wroclaw.

Guest Artists:

Bhat Boy from Ottawa ~ is a mixed media artists who also constructs wonderful three-dimensional fabric collages on canvas blended into the paintings that elucidate his vivid imagination. He spends much of his time traveling and exhibiting his work in Canada, the United States and Europe.

Thoma Ewen from Val des Monts, Quebec ~ has been exhibiting her magnificent tapestries nationally and internationally for more than 30 years. She designs and weaves tapestry wall hangings for residential and public spaces, directs Community Tapestry Projects and Artist-in-the-Schools projects, and teaches tapestry workshops at Moon Rain, Quebec.

Monique Lehman from Pasadena, California, US ~ shows her stunning woven tapestries of scenery, natural world and abstraction. She is an established artist who won numerous art awards. Her tapestries have been exhibited in many individual and group Art Shows in US, Canada China, and Europe.

Nicu Zeleznicov from Piarta Neamt Romania ~ introduces superb three-dimensional tapestries composed of separately woven elements. Nicu is a renowned artist who has appeared in galleries throughout Europe, Australia, USA and Canada.

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